Edit a Page

One of the benefits of managing your own office website is that you can go in and change things whenever you like.  You will see from this tutorial that editing a page is very easy to do.  The first thing to note is the title of the page you plan to edit.  In the example below, the page we plan to edit is “Meet Dr. Smith”.

Log-in to your dashboard (http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin) and click on the “Pages” tab to the far left (alternatively, when you hover over the “Pages” tab, there is a link to “All Pages”).  Clicking on this will bring you to all the pages that make up your site.

There are two ways to find the page you plan to edit.  You can simply type all or part of the name into the “Search Pages” box or browse for the page.  When the pages are organized  by categories (called “Parents”) they may not show up exactly alphabetical.  If you are unable to browse to the page, we recommend just searching for it.  When the page is found, click on the title of the page (it is a link to edit the page).  You could also hover over the name and click on the “Edit” link.

You are now ready to edit the page.  There are quite a few things that could be edited on this page.  Be careful with what you choose to change as some settings will cause the pages on the site to not work properly.

The common things you may wish to edit are the title of the page.  This is the title that heads the content of the page.  You will most likely be here to edit the content of the page. You can add, remove, or change the text.  You can bold, underline, italicize text.  You can add images, charts, files, etc.

After you are done making changes, be sure to click on the “Update” button or all your efforts will be lost.

When the changes have been saved you will get a message across the top.  Wait for this before you navigate away from this page.

That’s it.  You are now ready to edit any page on your site!  Edit wisely.