Theme Overview

The theme determines the design and layout of your site.  It is not the content that changes from page to page, but rather the constant parts of the site.  This includes items such as the bar at the top containing the navigation and the content at the bottom of the page.


To access the theme settings, log into the admin section and look along the left side tabs.  All the way towards the bottom there is a tooth followed by the word “Infodontics (see the image).  Clicking on this with take you to the section of the admin where you can change things about the site.  This is where much of the customization takes place.

Look across the top of this new page to see the following tabs (see image below):

  • General Settings
  • Homepage Images
  • Header
  • Sidebar
  • Footer
  • Comment Box

It is on these various pages that the site theme is altered to better correlate with your brand identity.  Whenever you change anything on the site, you must make sure to scroll to the bottom to select the “Save Options” button (see image).  If you navigate away from this page without clicking this button, the changes you made will not be saved.

There are a lot of things you could adjust among these various tabs.  There are a few though that are important to start editing now.  We will walk through the tabs pointing out the areas to update now:

General Settings
Meta Tags (these are used by the search engines):

  • Description: This is where you write a brief description about your website (e.g. Dr. Smith is a general dentist who serves the city region.  He is a cosmetic dentist specializing in bringing you a beautiful smile)
  • Keywords: These are key words you would like to associate with your site (e.g. dentist, dental, Dr. Smith, veneers, implants, etc.)
  • Author: This would be your name.


  • Address (Line 1): This is typically used if your office has something extra associated with it such as a building name.  Most people would skip this.
  • Address (Line 2): This is where you type out your full address in one line.
  • Telephone Number: Put in the phone number people should be calling.


  • About The Doctor: This is similar to the what would show up under the description meta tag you already updated earlier.  The difference is that this will be visible to visitors.
  • Areas Served: This is where you can list the cities your office serves.  The purpose of this is to cater to the people trying to find you through search engines.  For example, if they search “Dentist in La Crosse”.

That is the end of the introduction to the theme.  You can mess around with the other various aspect of the theme (e.g. color, fonts, etc.)  Currently we are having an issue with the “Restore Default” button to the left of the “Save Options” button.  DO NOT click on this as the result is not good.  We are working on that.